Intel GMA 3150 Graphics version

Intel GMA 3150 Graphics version
The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 or GMA 3150 is an integrated (shared memory) graphics card that is located on the processor package of the Intel Atom N4xx processors. The graphics core is based on a GMA X3100 design (according to Intel) but features only two processor cores clocked at 200 MHz.

Another drawback of the GMA 3150 are the supported display types and resolutions. The GMA 3150 supports one digital LVDS port (to connect the internal display) with resolutions up to 1366x768.
Furthermore, an external analog VGA port with resolutions up to 1400x1050 is supported. DisplayPort, HDMI or DVI are not possible (no SDVO ports to connect them). Therefore, AtomN450 Netbooks with HDMI ports will only be possible with the upcoming ION 2 GPU.

The main advantage of the new GMA 3150 is the low power consumption as it is integrated in the Atom CPU.
*  Driver Revision: PV and PV
*  Package: 143146
*  Graphics:
*  HDMI Audio: N/A
Supported OS: Windows 7 - 32/64 bit.
Intel® Atom™ D400,  Intel® Atom™ D500 Series,  Intel® Atom™ N400 Series
Supported code controllers:
Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150

Intel GMA 3150 Graphics version bit

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